In this section we have some recommendations for tools that can make your development easier. Some of these are specific to Homey but others help you develop high quality JavaScript applications.

If you are developing a Homey App using Bluetooth LE, the Bluetooth LE Devtools may come in handy. With these tools you get a quick but powerful overview of all Bluetooth LE devices near homey and you can easily gather all the necessary information to connect to and control your devices.

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If you are developing a Zigbee app for Homey, the Zigbee Devtools give you a quick overview of the Zigbee network and some basic system information. This can be used to quickly troubleshoot your devices and Homey Apps.


The Homey CLI has special support for TypeScript, not only does this give you a great autocomplete experience while developing your app. It also allows you to catch errors before you run your code. Read the TypeScript guide to learn how to setup your app to use TypeScript.


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