Publishing your app in the Homey App Store allows you to share it with other Homey users.

How to publish?

Publishing is as easy as running the following command from your app directory:

homey app publish

Before you publish your app make sure to read the App Store guidelines. This will ensure the app review process goes smoothly and your app won't be rejected.

Your app will be compressed and send to the Homey App Store for processing. Go to, tap Apps SDK and choose My Apps. All your apps are visible here, and you can publish your app to Test, or Live by submitting it for certification. Once your app is approved by a reviewer at Athom it can be published.

By default your app will be submitted as Draft. You can then choose to release a Test version of the app, only available for users who visit your app via the Test link (available in your dashboard). After some proper testing the app can be submitted for certification by Athom. After approval it will be published to the Homey App Store and becomes available to all Homey users.

Apps that have never been released to the Homey App Store, will need to be certified before becoming publicly available for other users. In case you want to publish a Test version of the app make sure to disable the "publish directly after approval" checkbox when submitting for certification.


To check if all requirements are met, run the following command prior to submission.

homey app validate --level publish