Verified Developer

A verified developer can be recognised by the blue 'Official' badge behind the developer name the Homey App Store.

A verified developer badge signals to the user that the app was created by or on behalf of the brand itself or by Athom. It also allows the developer to publish their app for Homey Cloud.

How to become a verified developer?

A Homey Verified Developer subscription is required, this subscription is solely intended for companies, brands or a third party developer commissioned by said brand/company. Apps published by community developers with a verified developer subscription will not be approved without proof of a partnership with the brand or company.

To get this subscription and become a verified developer you can get in contact with our partnerships team at

Together we can look at the possibilities of your brand becoming an official Talks With Homey Partner. Becoming an official partner opens up the door to a world of possibilities, like participating in cross-marketing activities.

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