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Learn how to build great apps that run on Homey.

Homey is a smart home platform that connects devices from various brands & technologies in one unified experience. Homey owners can control their devices in the Homey mobile & web app, create automations called Flow, learn their energy usage with Homey Energy and view charts with Homey Insights.

The Homey Apps SDK enables developers to create apps that run on Homey. An app for Homey is a Node.js bundle distributed through the Homey App Store, or installed by Homey CLI. These apps run local on Homey, similar to an iPhone or Android device.

With the Homey Apps SDK your app can extend Homey by adding new Devices and create new Flow cards, among other things. Additionally, your app can transmit and receive wireless signals, such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433 MHz, Bluetooth LE and Infrared.

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To get started with your first Homey app, head over to Getting Started ยป

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Upgrading from Apps SDK v2

This website refers to SDK Version 3 of the Homey Apps SDK. While we encourage maintainers to upgrade their app, documentation for Apps SDK v2 is still available.

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